Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a Blessing!

I love the moments when Jonas is still in my arms, holding me as I hold onto him.  Those bright blue eyes always get me! They are so innocent, yet I feel that he sees who I really am and loves me just the same.  Even though I am not of any real importance to society, he looks at me like I am the most important person in the world.  His eyes light up when he sees me, and that toothless grin spreads wide across his face.  He knows who I am.  If he could choose to be held by anyone in the whole world, he would choose me, his mother.  That feeling is one of the most special things a mother could ever experience. 

Sometimes I feel anxious that I will be a mother for the rest of my life.  I think about all of the things I 'haven't done' yet, but then I see that smile and all of my worries melt away.  You see, being a mom is so much more than changing dirty diapers and wiping runny noses.  It's about loving children.  Psalms 127:3 says that "children are a heritage from the Lord...".  That verse is so true!  What a Blessing it is to be a parent!

And so, as I hold my little one tight in my arms, I will be reminded of the Blessing that he is to us.  I pray you are reminded as well!

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