Monday, March 12, 2012

Being Needed

I think the most precious thing about being a mother (or parent) is being needed by your little one.  In the past few weeks, Jonas has begun sleeping through the night (consistently) for about 12 hours at a time!  He did well at night from about 3 months on, but then around the 4 month mark he started struggling again.  It took some adjustments to his schedule and more patience than I had anticipated, but he has been doing really well lately!  Even though I don't really enjoy getting up with Jonas in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning, part of me loves to know that he needs me! 

Throughout March, Jonas has has quite a few 'firsts'.  He started sitting up on his own near the end of February.  He loves to sit with his toys and play on his own.  I just have to watch out because his balance from side-to-side is not that great yet!  The Boppy pillow has come in handy to prevent many bumps and bruises! 

About a week ago, Jonas said his first word!  He had been trying so hard to form words with his little mouth in the last few months, and he finally figured out how to say "mama", although sometimes it sounds more like "mlummla".  That little tongue tends to get in the way more than it helps!  We have been working on "dada" but he just smiles and giggles when I try to get him to say "dada".  Now that he has started to babble, I'm sure the next weeks and months will be loud ones! 

Jonas is starting to learn Sign Language as well!  Those of you who don't know, I studied American Sign Language in college, so I know a thing or two about signing!  Jonas loves to watch me sign and is starting to use the few signs that I have been working with him on.  So far, he signs "all done" during meals if he is full.  Of course, his version of "all done" is not quite accurate, but it is a start!  Maybe someday he will be bilingual like his mommy!

This weekend Jonas started trying to feed himself!  We gave him a little teether biscuit and he absolutely loved it!  It was pretty messy, but he is starting to figure out how to feed himself and it is completely worth the mess! 

Jonas started eating fruits and veggies back in January, but I though you would enjoy some photos of his first feedings! 

We were also able to go on a walk this weekend.  Jonas is sitting up in his stroller like a big boy!  He sure enjoyed the new angle to check out the world!
Here are just a few more photos from this month.  He is just so cute that I can't help taking photos of him!

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