Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Busy Beginning to Fall

September was a busy month!  Between birthday celebrations, family visits, work, kids, and life, there wasn't much time left for blogging!  And since I know you are all dying for an update on our family, I thought I'd sit down for a few minutes and type out some thoughts. 

The kids are growing fast!  Jonas is now 4, and he likes to remind me that now that he is older, he can handle more.  This morning I poured him a really full glass of milk by accident, and his response to me was "It's ok mom, I can handle it, I'm 4 now!".  The little guy has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year as well!  He is tall and skinny!  I can't buy pants that both fit him in the waist as well as in length!  So he either gets pants that are short, yet fit well in the waist and don't fall down, or pants that are the proper length, but then they fall down!  Thank goodness for adjustable waist pants!  HA!  Jonas prides him in taking care of himself.  He loves that he can get his own breakfast in the morning - minus the milk!  He gets dressed all by himself, and is starting to even clean up after himself!  YES!  He is such a sweetheart and always has a hug for me if I'm having a rough morning.  Jonas is learning how to write his letters and has mastered most of the letter sounds.  Pretty soon we will begin working on learning to read!  It is so hard to think that he is old enough to be doing school stuff.  My little guy is growing up too fast! 

Joelle is nearing 3 - just 3 more months!  She likes to think that she is turning 5 when her birthday arrives.  I think she really wants to be older than her brother!  It's really funny to try to explain to a kid that once you age, you can never go backwards.  Jonas is starting to understand it, but Joelle doesn't get it yet.  She will say something like "when you turn 20, then you get to go back to 1".  It's fun to watch her learn and begin to understand some of the more challenging things for a child's mind to be wrapped around!  Joelle is fully potty trained now!  Over the past few months, she had a few set-backs, but we have tackled them and she is officially a part of the big kids club!  Some of Joelle's favorite things are playing with her big brother, giving hugs and kisses to her baby sister, and reading books.  This little girl has always loved books, but lately she is content to sit and read more than ever! 

Jaina is 9 months going on 25.  She has been pulling herself up to stand for the past few weeks, crawling around for over a month now, and man, she is too quick for me to keep up!  Jaina has lungs that would put the big bad wolf to shame!  This girl can scream, and she really enjoys hearing herself make a ton of noise.  She isn't really talking yet - besides mamamamama, dada, and nana (not sure what that one means!) - but she has realized that screaming and yelling definitely gets a reaction out of people!  She is a sweet little girl who loves to snuggle and has recently become fascinated with music and dancing!  It's really fun to turn on music and watch her bounce around to the beat!  She has 3 teeth with a 4th shortly to follow, she is much bigger than Joelle was at this age, and she loves eating real food!  Lately, when I try to feed her pureed food, she just swings at the spoon until she hits it and knocks the food all over the place - not cool Jaina, not cool. It's been a challenge to feed her, since she has shown signs of having some sort of dairy sensitivity.  My doctor-smart, almost-a-PA sister says its some sort of Hyper sensitivity or possibly an allergy, but I'm just hoping that statistics are on our side and she will grow out of it by either 1 or 2.  Needless to say, we are avoiding dairy all together right now for her.  I had no idea how many types of food have trace amounts of dairy in them!  Its kinda ridiculous, if you think about it, but, what can you do.  I'm getting really good at reading labels, so that's kinda fun!  You do what you have to do to keep your kids healthy, right? 

Steve and I have been doing really well lately!  He is finally back to a normal-ish work schedule.  Earlier this year, he was working way too much on a project that had a specific deadline.  And now that the project is over, more projects have come to priority level.  His company is being thoughtful, though, and is remembering that the employees are important too and that working way past quitting time isn't healthy for a company or it's employees.  So he is back to regular schedule.  It's been great to have him home on a regular basis in the evenings! 

Overall, it's been a great month of family time.  We are enjoying each other and looking forward each and every day that we have together.  Thanks for stopping by!  I'll add more pictures as I'm able to!