Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Déjà Vu in the Middle of the Night

I can't even count the number of times that I have woken up in the middle of the night to take care of Jaina and been so confused that I have flash-backs to when Joelle was a baby!  It is the weirdest feeling in the world!  Jaina has been sleeping through the night for several months now, but lately, she has been getting up again, and I think the culprit is little teeth trying to break through her gums.  Unfortunately, since she is a light sleeper, teething pain causes her to wake up more than usual. 

The kids have been thoroughly enjoying spending most days outside playing in the yard and riding their bikes!  Even Jonas, my fair skinned blonde boy, is getting a sun tan!  These last two weeks have been pretty rainy, which has been great for the grass that Steve is trying to grow, but not so great for busy toddlers.  We are trying to keep busy inside, but they have been dying to get back out to play.  Jonas has found a new love of puzzles, and even if it takes him a whole day, he will finish a puzzle that he starts!  His new favorites are a Spider Man puzzle that he got for Christmas, and 'The puzzles that you got when I was in your tummy' as Jonas calls them.  Back when I was pregnant with Jonas, I had about 2 or 3 weeks before his birth that I was not longer working.  I started getting pretty bored around the house, so I bought a set of puzzles!  I told Jonas the story, and he refers to them in detail every time he wants to play with them!  It's fun to watch his little brain work as he builds a puzzle! 

Joelle has been so excited these last few weeks, because I finally got up the courage (and energy!) to potty train her!  I think she has been pretty much ready (or at least kinda ready) since her 2nd birthday, but every time she showed interest, I was busy taking care of Jaina!  So I delayed and postponed, and finally decided that I needed to get myself into gear!  Last month, she started removing her diaper and successfully using the potty on her own.  That was my "It's Time" moment, and we have made lots of progress since then!  It will be nice to be back to only one kid in diapers again! 

Jaina is quite the little stinker these days.  She loves attention, and she loves to demand attention too!  I think some people would call her a fussy or a high-needs baby, but I kinda think that all babies are to some extent.  Jaina is just on the high end of the scale!  She is starting on baby food and really enjoying it so far!  Her favorites are Sweet Potatoes and Bananas.  Since she was born early, I tried to hold off as long as I could for baby food.  After about a week of a trial period when she was 4 1/2 months, I decided to delay.  She is now 5 1/2 months old and we are trying again!  I think her little tummy is old enough to handle it now.  She is definitely a messy eater!  But she is doing really well figuring it all out!  Jaina loves to roll around on the ground playing with toys.  And Jonas and Joelle are doing much better about being careful and gentle around her.  Jaina loves to jump in her jumpy toy and is figuring out how to get going really fast!  She is very smiley these days, too!  With 3 little ones, my baby carrier (I have an Ergo, for you baby wearing lovers who are curious!) goes pretty much everywhere with me.  I can get her onto my back and that makes grocery shopping much easier!  And, yes, I am well aware that grocery shopping with 3 kids 3 & under is absolutely crazy - I get told at least half a dozen times how full my hands are when I am out and about with them all.  And yes, I roll my eyes (internally) every time someone says "Wow, you sure have your hands full!!"  Haha!!  I know people mean well, and they are probably just purely shocked by the number of kids that I have, but for anyone who is curious, that isn't particularly something us moms enjoy hearing, especially when one, or all, of our children are screaming and or pitching a fit throughout the store!  Ok, stepping off my soapbox now...

Needless to say, we are busy, but we are doing so well and enjoying our family!  Here are a few pictures to enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by!

Jaina at 4 months old

Jaina at 5 1/2 Months old