Monday, August 3, 2015

To My Sister and new Brother

Dear Sam and Matt

You have officially been married for 3 days now!!  Thank you for the great privilege of standing beside you, supporting you in the start of an exciting journey.  First of all, I wanted to say, Sam, you were absolutely beautiful on your wedding day!  Your hair, your dress, your beautiful smile, it was all stunning, and to see you so happy and absolutely glowing was amazing.  I mean, seriously, how gorgeous can a person get?!?!?


Thank you for including my little cuties in your wedding as well.  I cried like a baby watching them walk down the aisle being all cute and dressed up!  And I know that it wasn't a big deal, but thanks for understanding when my son asked very loudly where he was supposed to be standing after he made it down the aisle.  And then again halfway through the ceremony when he decided that he wanted to stand up again. 

Sam and Matt, I'm so excited for you as you begin this new journey into life together, but I wanted to share a few bits of wisdom that I've learned in my short 6 years of being married.  I hope that's ok. :) 

Sam, you probably remember Dad saying this a long time ago, but it is some good advice, so I'll share it again.  Don't go to bed without figuring out whatever it is you are arguing about.  Sometimes, you will just forget that there was an argument in the first place, but other times, you will wake up even more upset than the night before.  Just do yourself the favor and figure it out before bedtime! 

Take the time to slow down and just be Matt and Sam together at least once a day.  Turn off the tv, put down the cell phone, and stop rushing about to just pause and remember how much you love the other person.  It will do wonders to a marriage!

Don't think that you are immune to struggles in your marriage.  Every marriage has struggles, and that's ok!  If we were all perfect, then life would be really boring!  Keep your marriage a priority and be vocal about the fact that you are both committed to each other!  Remind the other person in little ways how much they mean to you and be genuine in your love them! 

And Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!  I absolutely hate it when people talk about the "Ball and Chain" of marriage.  God didn't design marriage to be a burden or something to be enslaved to, but rather to be a way that we can submit to God by submitting to each other out of love; by putting the other person before yourself, not only because you love that person, but because God's love compels us to do that!  Selflessness is crazy difficult, but it's God's plan for marriage.  And He will bless you in this new journey! 

Sammy, I remember you as this little girl, and it has been an honor watching you grow into a beautiful woman.  And yes, it was absolutely necessary to show this adorable picture of you. :)

Always know that I'm here cheering for you and supporting you in any way you need! 
Enjoy life together, you two!  The journey is tough but well worth it!  Love you both!

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