Monday, April 1, 2013

April is here!

It is officially spring time and it is wonderful to see the green grass growing and hear the birds singing!  Jonas has been begging me to go outside every day, even though some days it barely reaches 40 degrees!  I do enjoy seeing him run around outside, though.  I can't wait for the weather to be nice enough to bring Joelle outside with Jonas so we can all enjoy the outdoors! 

Joelle is nearly 12 weeks old, and is growing like a weed!  She is getting some chubby little cheeks and has the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen.  I think I may be a bit biased, though!  Hopefully in the next few weeks, she will start rolling over. 

Jonas is talking like crazy and starting to put 3 and 4 words into sentences.  I love to hear him babble about everything!  He does tend to be on the loud side, though, so we are working on volume control with him lately!  He loves to play with blocks and build towers.  He is also developing into quite a little artist!  Markers are his favorite, even though sometimes he colors with crayons.  Books are a favorite for Jonas as well.  Lately, he has really enjoyed Dr. Seuss! 

Steve and I have been spring cleaning our house lately.  Definitely not something that I enjoy doing, but it is necessary, just like it is every year.  Every time we do a deep cleaning like this, it reminds me of my spiritual life in Christ.  We all have dirt in our lives, but if we cleanse ourselves in the Spirit daily, spring cleaning isn't too bad after all!  After remembering Easter this past weekend, I was reminded of what a precious gift Jesus gave to us all the day that he died and rose again to defeat death.  All praise and glory to him forevermore! 

Here are some pictures of our little ones!  I hope you enjoy them! 



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