Friday, March 1, 2013

Big Boy Jonas!

February is done and gone and I can hardly believe it!  I guess it is normal for the shortest month of the year to go by the fastest, though!  February was a big month for us.  On Feb. 21, Jonas turned 18 months old and Joelle turned 6 weeks old!  Where has time gone! 

Jonas has really become a big boy this month.  On Feb 12th, he slept in his big boy toddler bed for the first time.  This was the biggest transition that I was afraid of, and it went remarkably well!  We started with nap time at first, and he did really well.  His first night in the toddler bed was a bit more scary for him, and it took him longer than normal to fall asleep.  But once he did fall asleep, he was out cold, until he slid out of his bed!  Being the little boy that he is, he still sleeps on his belly with his knees tucked up under him.  After a few tosses and turns in his sleep, he ended up at the foot of the bed where there was no railing on the side and just slid out feet first!  He didn't even wake up!  I put him back in bed only for him to slide out once more.  Admitting defeat for the night, I put him back in his crib.  We got some small blankets out the next morning, and made a makeshift bumper where the railing doesn't' reach to keep him from sliding out.  Problem solved!  Since then, he has been sleeping very well in his toddler bed. 

On the second full night of Jonas sleeping in his toddler bed, Steve and I both were hit with the realization that he wasn't a baby anymore.  It still brings tears to my eyes to think about the fact that he really is growing up.  I remember being pregnant with him and giving birth to him like it was yesterday.  And it hasn't even been a year since he learned how to crawl, and even less since he learned how to walk!  How is it that my little boy is so big! 

I have noticed many more changed in Jonas this past month as well.  He is starting to talk in 2 word sentences, and has finally mastered his first 3 syllable word - 'opposites' - thanks to a fun Elmo bath book that talks about opposites.  He loves to run around the house opening and closing doors and saying ''oppe, doos" (translation: open, close).  And he especially likes that he is finally able to open doors on his own!  Now I understand what mom's mean when they say that the kids will find you even when you are in the bathroom!  Even though it isn't the most pleasant place to be interrupted, it is still so sweet to see his little face peek in as he says "hiee" and proceeds to 'oppe' and 'doos' the door repeatedly! 

Joelle is also growing up much too quickly.  She is getting really good at holding up her head all by herself!  She is also starting to sleep longer through the night.  She hit the 6 hour mark at 6 weeks old.  Unfortunately, that is not the normal, but she is doing much better.  The best part is that I am starting to feel less tired and more alive again! 

We have had lots of fun weekends with our families this past month, and I made sure to get some good photos!  Get ready, there are lots!! 

Thanks for stopping by!  God bless :)





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