Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun Days in May

We are enjoying the beautiful weather here in South Western Michigan, and we are excited for more warmer days ahead! Every chance we get, Jonas and I hang out in our backyard with our friendly pooch, Dora, and sometimes when Daddy gets home, we all spend some time soaking up some rays!  I have added lots of photos for you to look at and enjoy!  Jonas really enjoys being outside!

I don't really have any changes or updates for you right now.  Jonas is crawling around still and pulling up onto everything!  I can't really leave him alone, now, because he gets into most things, including the dog dishes, my bathroom drawers, his bookshelf in his bedroom, the DVD drawer, and basically anything else that is at his level!  He enjoys a challenge, like reaching for the speakers on our TV stand, and always attacks me when I am on the phone!  For some reason he thinks that any cell phone is a chew toy, except for the old phones that we let him play with...those aren't cool anymore! 

We are looking forward to watching Jonas learn to walk this summer, and I think I am dreading it more that Steve!  This little boy bumps his head on everything already, that I don't want to add any more height to his falls!  He is quite resiliant, though, and after a bump, he comes to me for a hug and kiss and then he is right back at whatever got him hurt in the first place!  I guess that is just part of raising a boy!  Jonas is loads of fun to be around, and he loves to give kisses, except I think he tries to bite my lips when he kisses me sometimes!

Steve started a new job this week, and we are really excited for this new opportunity for him!  This position seems to be a great fit so far, and he really enjoys his co-workers! This new job has a lot of potential for Steve, so we are very grateful to God for providing it to him!  Steve also received his DIPLOMA in the mail this past week!!!! So excited that he is done with his Bachelors Degree now, and I am so proud of him!  He is a wonderful example to Jonas, and I can only pray that Jonas will grow to be a man like his daddy! 

Thanks for checking in on us!  I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we are!  Enjoy the pictures, and I'll post again soon! 


Our most recent Family Photo taken on Mothers Day 2012

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