Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pinterest Perfection

I LOVE looking around on the popular new(ish??) website Pinterest.  There are so many (and I mean, way too many) ideas and projects and perfect examples of what life could be.  Seriously, if you haven't checked out Pinterest, then you really should!  It's a great website! 

But there is this one problem. 

Almost EVERY picture, post, idea, project, or anything to the sort looks 1000000% perfect, and let me tell you, life isn't perfect! 

I would love my home to look like this: 

But usually, it looks like this: 

And ya know what?  I'm OK with it! And the reason I'm ok with a crazy house is because there are more important things than keeping your house in perfect pinterest organization.

Sharing the Joy of the Lord with our kids

I have never experienced so much Joy from one child, but Jonas is just exploding with Joy!  Teaching him about God and showing him how to love his little sister and share toys with her are much more important right now than teaching him to pick up his toys and put them back in the way that I  want them to be.  Responsibility and listening skills are important, but sometimes they aren't the most important thing in our day-to-day lives. 

Another incredibly important thing that we sometimes forget about is that a good Marriage takes a lot of work!  And sometimes you have to put off the housework to nurture your marriage.  When Steve and I got married nearly 5 years ago, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that it took a lot of work to keep your marriage alive!  And let me tell you, that is one thing that I am completely committed to doing!  I will always put our marriage in front of housework.  And sometime, that means that I need to clean up the house! HA!  I can show my husband that I love him by cleaning our home and keeping up with the housework. 
Most importantly, I need to keep my Lord and Savior as number 1 in my life.  He needs to come first in every thought, every moment, and every decision of my life.  This is something that I will be working towards for the rest of my life!  And through God's grace, may I grow closer to Him every day! 
For all of you other ladies, mom's, and wives out there reading this post, just remember that Pinterest Perfection may be attainable, but is it really the most important thing in life? 

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