Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best Friends

Watching my two beautiful kids grow up together is probably the most wonderful, satisfying, enjoyable thing that I have ever experienced!  Jonas is nearing 2 1/2 in the next few months, and it is hard to believe that Joelle will be 1 in just 10 days! 

I knew that raising two babies at the same time would be tough, and believe me, I had lots of people make sure that I knew just how hard it would be to have two kids only 17 months apart in age, but what I didn't expect is how wonderful it would be to have my kids grow up together! 

Jonas has quickly changed into a wonderful big brother; always willing to get Joelle's paci for her or tickle her till she giggles.  And even though he sometimes doesn't enjoy sharing his toys will little hands, I know that deep down inside, he wouldn't change anything about his sister. 

As Joelle nears her first birthday, she is also changing much too quickly.  She knows her brother and loves to get right up in his face and giggle!  And the way that she looks at him melts my heart every time! 

Jonas and Joelle, as we begin the new year tomorrow, I pray that you will become even closer and love each other more and more each day.  Jonas, continue to be a wonderful big brother and Joelle, keep smiling and loving your big brother!  I love you both so much!




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