Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trusting the Lord

We have lived in Indiana for a little over a month now and have finally settled into the swing of things.  The kids are settling in and Steve and I feel at peace with our move and our future here in Noblesville.  In the last month, we have joined an active small group from our church, grown closer to some good friends from Michigan who moved down to Indiana last fall, and met lots of new families in the area.   

We are currently attending Heartland Church in the Noblesville/Fishers area and we are so blessed to have a great church to go to.  The music is great, the preaching is incredibly encouraging and most importantly, biblical, and the people are very friendly.  We are looking forward to getting plugged into serving at church this summer! 

Joelle is now 5 months old!  She finally started to roll over and is quickly learning to sit up on her own!  A few weeks ago, she discovered her tongue, and loves to blow raspberries and drool and spit all over the place!  She is still our wide-eyed little girl, though, and every day I am more and more grateful for her.  She is teaching me so much and I thank the Lord for giving her to us!  We are so blessed! 

Jonas has reminded me of true Joy in life these past few weeks.  He can be feeling like poo, yet still give me a smile whenever he come into the room.  He is such a sweet little boy and he brings so much happiness to our lives!  The other day, I was listening to the radio, and the Chris Tomlin “God of Angel Armies” song came on.  We were in the car, so I started to sing along, and right in the back seat, Jonas sang along with me!  It was enough to make my day! 

Our house in Grand Rapids has been on the market for a little over two months now, and we are praying daily that it will sell soon.  Over these past two months, we have seen God's faithfulness work in many ways!  The times that we thought we would be short on money were the days we would receive a reimbursement check in the mail; the days that we didn't know if we could live with the stress of owning and renting at the same time were the days that a friend would call and encourage us to continue to trust in God.  We know that this is where God wants us to be, and we are trusting our home in Michigan will sell in His timing.  Please join with us in praying that it will sell quickly! 

Here are some photos of the kids from the past month!  Thanks for stopping by!





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